Windows 8.1 ISO Files – Download Free, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

Windows 8.1 iso is the latest version of Windows operating system series and Windows 8.1 iso is the upgraded version of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 was developed due to some cons of Windows 8 one of the main purpose behind the development of Windows 8.1 was to bring an improvement in the user interface. Which was not that much good in the previous version. and also many other features have improved and newly developed for Windows 8.1. This version of Windows comes with a professional Windows media center and all the modern capabilities. Windows media center is also developed by Microsoft. Windows media player is a multi-functional media player that can play video, audio and also slide show. The Enterprise version is the latest version of Windows 8.1 and most of the features and upgrades are related to network and internet.

Microsoft is now competing with other well-known brands for its high-resolution display and newly launched products like Surface Pro. They have provided new and upgraded features like search appearance and newly deployed functionality of the Start button.

Some new attributes of Windows 8.1:

  • The upgraded user interface that could be used for touch screens.
  • They have also upgraded the Internet Explorer and can browse the web much faster than the previous versions.
  • The task manager has also upgraded.
  • You can also add multiple screens.
  • It can support USB3 like windows 7.
  • You can restore your device with this version of Windows.