Windows 7 ISO Files – Download Free, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

 The release date of Windows 7 iso is 1st October 2010. The main reason behind developing Windows 7 was that It could be used for personal as well as office uses. As the name says it all that it is the seventh version of the operating system developed by Microsoft. Multi-touch functionality is equipped and they have also upgraded Windows Shell,

Windows 7 iso is the latest and the most reliable operating system released by Microsoft. Windows 7 is the best operating system for office use because of its ease of use and very simple user-interface. It has regular updates regarding adding new features and could also keep up with the new technologies being introduced regularly. The most recent update is USB3 drives and Windows 7 has already brought updates and requirements for USB3. This version of Windows has all the previous Windows features and also some new features.

Some attributes of Windows 7:

  • They have worked and upgraded both touch and handwriting recognition.
  • You can also make virtual Hard Disk with this version,
  • Overall the performance has improved in all aspects of processing or transferring data.
  • We have improved Windows PowerShell.
  • Microsoft has also upgraded the calculator in Windows 7.
  • They have lots of new small features such as screen color measurement and you can also pin applications to the taskbar.
  • The security has also upgraded.
  • It gives you the ability to share data on the network.
  • Added features and settings for multiple screens.

Download Windows 7 from the link below.