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Windows 10 iso is developed by Microsoft in order to make a more user-friendly interface for users, they developed Windows 10 iso so that people can use their computer as a tablet.

So basically Microsoft is trying to do is that a Windows user could use one user interface across all Microsoft product families. That includes PCs. tablets, smartphones, and the Xbox One. all the upcoming products. As you can tell that Microsoft is working on Windows to make it better and better by each version they release. As being said Windows 10 iso is the latest and the best version of Windows operating system, Being the latest version it has all the modern and most used extension available in it. So the main reason behind Windows 10 is the cons and some errors of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. One should not judge a book by its cover so you must use Windows 10 in order to able to know how amazing is Windows 10 as compared to Windows 8.1. One thing you would probably love about Windows 10 is its user interface. I know you all are tired of Windows Explorer guess what Microsoft is introducing a new web browser called Microsoft Edge.

introduction to windows 10:

Windows 10 is a mixture of all previous versions of Windows. Where you can find a start menu similar to Windows 7 and some functions of Windows 8. They also provided notifications sidebar. Microsoft has given many new and cool features in Windows 10. Some of them are fingerprint and face recognition login. They have also worked on DirectX and WDDM to improve graphics for games. They are working on Windows 10 day by day which means you will get a regular updates. Download Windows 10 from the given download link.