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Toad for Oracle is a database development and management toolset that reduces the time and effort developers and DBAs spend on daily tasks. Save time and reduce risks with the leading Oracle database development and optimization software tool, as ranked by IDC.

Only Toad empowers you to:

– Implement consistent and repeatable processes, supporting agile DB development.
– Accelerate application delivery, while minimizing risks associated with database changes.
– Ensure functional accuracy and scalability with automated testing.
– Quickly pinpoint and resolve database performance inefficiencies.
– Automate SQL optimization.
– Automate and schedule complex or routine database tasks.

Key Features of TOAD for Oracle Software:

Simplified database development
Design, build, edit, debug and manage projects with Toad Data Modeler. It also has a built-in Database Browser, SQL Editor, Debugger and Project Manager.

Code quality assurance
Collaborate with team members and standardize code formatting while preserving code integrity and preventing overwrites with included Team Coding and version control.

Automated code testing
Automate the creation and execution of functional code tests to ensure application quality and enable faster delivery of quality code with Code Tester.

Automated code analysis
Automate code reviews using industry best practices and predefined and/or customizable rulesets in categories such as readability, correctness, program structure, naming conventions, and maintainability, with Code Analysis.

Automated performance optimization
Pinpoint database bottlenecks with Spotlight database diagnostics and resolve issues quickly or validate SQL, PL/SQL, and indexes to ensure high performance through the only automated SQL tuning toolset, SQL Optimizer.