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SHAREit For PC is a freeware application to transfer data, photos, videos, music, documents between devices from PC to PC from mobile phone to mobile phone at very high speed wirelessly or any other physical medium. Having the ability to send or receive your photos and videos from your mobile phone to your PC or from your PC to your mobile phone. Which Shareit For PC gives you very fast and easy.

SHAREit has the ability to automatically detect any other device in range and you will be able to transfer your data and videos in the blink of an eye. You cannot compare Bluetooth with SHAREit because Shareit has the benefit of its speed. For PC the developers have also taken note of the security and privacy. SHAREit for PC doesn’t use any kind of cloud it only transfers the data in your device’s physical memory, That shows the level of privacy they are giving.

Phone to PC;

Shareit also has QR Code for you to easily connect and transfer files from your phone to your PC. The size of a file doesn’t matter for SHAREit for PC because it can transfer big files easily from your phone to your PC. The best thing about sharing your data with SHAREit for PC is that it is free of cost and doesn’t need any kind of WiFi, data any cables. Share your data from your phone to your PC easily and conveniently.

PC to PC:

SHAREit is also ideal for transferring data from one PC to another PC. It can be used by students to share homework and notes. You can also send your assignments to your teacher or instructor. Coworkers can also use to share data in offices and also to share their progress with their bosses.

The Key Features of SHAREit For PC:

  • It gives you the complete ability to share anything that could be your photos, files, documents, and contacts.
  • SHAREit can detect any other devices installed SHAREit in it.
  • As I said size doesn’t matter for SHAREit.
  • It is free and doesn’t need any wifi or data connection, and you also share the device itself to other users.
  • Gives you the feature to share your videos in groups up to 5 devices.

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