Photo Manager Professional 2013 3.0 – Download

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Program Photo Manager Professional is a powerful tool in Preview, organize, edit and print photos to digital. View images on the computer and remove duplicates, assign keywords, ratings, captions to your photos and pick the required photo from the database within a minute of the features of this software is. You can select the desired images and share them on the internet store.

Key features of Photo Manager software :

– Browse folders and preview images
– Photo print capability
– Classic view of thumbnail images for folders
– Editing images
– Assign keywords, ratings and image categories
– Album creation Web
– Database
search – Search for images on local disks and even network drives
– Search for duplicate
photos – Manage photos
– View detailed information about selected photos
– Raw format
– Plugin support – Print capability Pictures

Assign Keywords, Ratings, and Categories to Images:
– Assign keywords, categories, ratings, and captions to photos in Tags view.

Search in Database:
– Search for images in the database by keywords, ratings, and categories in the DB Search view. Pick required images in a second and manage the results: preview, edit, print or copy photos.

Search for Images on Local Discs and Network Drives:
-So you can search for your local disks, CDs or DVDs, network drives for images, and put all images to a special list for your further work.

Search for Duplicates:
– Photo Manager allows you to search for and manage duplicate images.

Manage Photos:
– It is easy to manage any images that are shown in any view of the program. You can sort, copy, move, delete image files or entire folders with images.

EXIF Properties:
– Photo Manager displays detailed information about the selected photo, including EXIF ​​properties and camera manufacturer notes (Maker Notes).

RAW Format Support:
– With RAW format plug-ins, Photo Manager previews photos created in RAW format and can develop and save full-size images. See the list of supported RAW formats and cameras.