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Instagram Video Downloader Gives the user the ability to download photos and videos from Instagram. What could be better than a free app, that gives you the ability to save photos and videos from Instagram? The program us easy to use because it’s has a user-friendly interface. Instagram Video Downloader is a free app and free to use as long as you use it for personal needs.

.Because the Instagram Video Downloader allows users to copy the program files to any storage device or hard drive. The program needs to be installed on the computer. But this desktop application allows users to download Instagram photos and videos with a simple click. So Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Instagram is very reliable, light and easy to use application. But you cannot download videos and photos from Instagram. So don’t worry this Video Downloader is free software that downloads Instagram’s video and photo. You can download all your photos and videos. with this tool, you can change everything. Whether you are showing off in front of friends or relatives. So download this tool before it gets late.

Instagram Video Downloader is simple to use and downloading is even simpler. Where you can select from different qualities, in which quality you want to download the images and videos. after selecting and pressing the download button you will have a progress bar showing you the remaining time. The best thing about this application is that it is light and reliable.


This Instagram Video Downloader has the coolest interface you have ever seen.

Load Control
You can control the download because they have provided the pause and resume options.

Original Quality
Download images and videos in its original quality.

This Application doesn’t limit you downloading one image or video at a time, but you can download as many as you want at the same time.