Google chrome download FREE 32bit/64bit

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Google Chrome is the easiest way to browse and crawl the internet with its easy and friendly user interface. You cannot find any other browser easier and simpler than Google chrome. You can understand the whole browser on your first visit. It has one address bar where you will type your desired website or keyword to browse that website, Google chrome download link is available at the bottom of the page.

Google Chrome is open-source and free to download and use. The developers worked so much hard to complete the need of the user when browsing. Google chrome is developed according to the modern technologies that website developers use. Google chrome can stand at the top between all other browsers because of its stability, speed and clean interface,

Here are some key features of “Google Chrome”:

One box for everything:

Browser anything with the help of simple search bar, It is super easy and it won’t take much time for you to understand the whole google chrome.

New Tab page:

You can browse in new tabs or in a new google chrome window. Open as many new tabs you can,

Incognito mode:

Google Chrome also gives you a feature called incognito mode where you can browse anything and your history and cookies won’t be saved,

Instant bookmarks:

Bookmark your favorite website in google chrome because it is super simpler, It has a small button at the corner of the search bar which you can click if you want to bookmark that specific webpage.

Google Chrome Canary

After releasing so many versions of Google Chrome. They also released Google chrome canary, which is mainly used by developers to test APIs, changes, and flags.