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ExamDiff Pro is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use visual file and directory comparison tool for Windows; it features unique functionality that distinguishes it from other comparison programs. You will find that these programs offer a much more efficient and user-friendly way to compare files and folders. This app is suitable for people who need to keep multiple copies of a file or folder in different locations and can compare them whenever they want and measure the content of the files.

Here are some key features of “ExamDiff Pro”:

– Compares text files, binary files, and directories.
– Highlights differences down to the level of lines, words or characters.
– Highlights document syntax.
– Fuzzy line matching.
– Ability to recognize moved text blocks.
– Allows adding manual synchronization points to text file comparison.
– Compares directly from Windows Explorer.
– Allows editing files within file comparison panes.
– Allows copying, renaming, and deleting files or directories.
– Saves the file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file or to a dynamic HTML web page.
– Prints and print previews diff reports.
– Easy navigation through the differences.
– Advanced Search features.
– Extensive command-line interface.
– Advanced Ignore options, for ignoring capitalization, white space, programming-language comments, and more.
– Word wrapping.
– Plug-in support.
– Drag and drop support.
– Can create directory snapshots for later comparison.
– Includes full Unicode support.
– Fully customizable.