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The dashcam is a type of side camera for mounting in and out of the windscreen or in front of the driver of the car and is fitted with a suction tire or adhesive tape. It can also be mounted on a dashboard or attached to a rearview mirror with a special clamp. When the car is moving, the camera continuously captures the front of the car. In the event of an accident or any other accident, Dash will rarely capture evidence. Dashcam Viewer SoftwareThe app is low for viewing videos recorded from a dash camera. It is also able to extract various data such as GPS data and impact sensor data recorded and recorded by Dash. There are several types of low-end dashboards available on the market, whether primary video cameras or models that have parameters such as date/time. Dashcam Viewer supports more than 70 camera models.

Key features of Dashcam Viewer software :

– Play slow dash videos while viewing speed, distance, position, etc.
– Identify points of interest along the way and extract them in a single file
– Merge multiple videos together
– Extract Parts of the movie as a new clip
– Capture and display GPS data and sensor data
– Support for more than 70 camera models